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 splashy toilet flush
Author: Anonymous User

Everytime the toilet is flushed, there are drops of water splashed onto the underside of the lid and on the seat. Obviously this is an unsanitary situation. No one seems to be able to diagnose the problem, or offer a possible solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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 Re: splashy toilet flush
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

I agree, but you can help us further by suppling some details.
Brand of toilet
Model of toilet
3.5 gpf
1.6 gpf
original parts
replacement parts
How old is the toilet.

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 Re: splashy toilet flush
Author: packy (MA)

first thing that comes to mind is too much water in the tank.

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 Re: splashy toilet flush
Author: westchester plumber

Pressure assist and flushometer type toilets can cause splashing in the bowl if not adjusted properly.

Good Luck. *westchester plumber*

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 Re: splashy toilet flush
Author: hj (AZ)

ON some toilets if the opening in the bottom front gets obstructed it can divert the angle of flow and then some of the water causes the splashing.

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 Re: splashy toilet flush
Author: Anonymous User

I don't remember the old toilet brand and model which was exhibiting the same problem; it was replaced over a year ago with a new toilet. The new toilet is an Eljer 141-0220 1.6 gpf, also "L 2606 Mar 09 '02" is impressed into the inside of the tank. I think everything in the tank is new (kit) -- top of fill valve reads "MASTER MARK IV." Thanks.

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 Re: splashy toilet flush
Author: Scott D. Plumber (VA)

Here is what I have seen on some of the first generation 1.6 and I assume is possible on some of the low end ones now.

Once you get the darn water level to where they will get the job done, the flush is violent enough to cause splashing. I have one in my own home (the last one I need to swap out and I've been putting it off) that is just like it.

My plan is to replace it with the new A.S. Champion, that I am hearing a lot about to test it out for myself. The old one will be donated to the local dumpster...violently and with much celebration!

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 Re: splashy toilet flush
Author: plumber177 (NJ)

try TOTO Drake

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