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 Septic Tank or Treatment Plant
Author: Anonymous User

What are the pros and cons of different septic systems? Just a good ole septic with a line in and a line out or water treatment plant or a septic tank with a field line.

I am on 16 acres with a good slope.

Thanks in advance.


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 Re: Septic Tank or Treatment Plant
Author: Scott D. Plumber (VA)

I'll take the city/county sewer any day. Less Money going in and nothing to do with it again. (most of the time) Unlike a septic tank that has to be periodically pumped out, and does not like things like garbage disposers.

Having to have a septic would not keep me from buying a house, I almost bought a big lot in the sticks that would have required it but I like my sewer.

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 Re: Septic Tank or Treatment Plant
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Septic systems are usually closed system and do not require a certified, licensed operator.
Treatment plants are/may be opened system that require additives, and certified, licensed operators. Many samples and paper reports are associated with the operation of a treatment plant which are usually designed for multi-users.

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 Re: Septic Tank or Treatment Plant
Author: hj (AZ)

You are confusing terms. A septic tank is a water treatment system. A tank with a single line out, if installed properly, has a field. It is simply one long run instead of several short ones.

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 Re: Septic Tank or Treatment Plant
Author: Deb (ID)

There have been many discussions on this forum about the pros and cons of private wells and septic systems..
I live in the mountains and have a well and septic tank. I take care of what goes into my septic tank and it gives me no trouble. I can go many years between pump outs (which is still not that expensive).
My home in the "city" is on city services. My water costs in the summer are over $100/mo and around $40/mo when not watering a yard. The sewer costs average around $35.00/mo. You could probably get into a really good arguement over the costs when spread over the life of a septic system.
Are you an independent person or do you like other people to be responsible for things? I am more the independent type who is really happy being independent with my very own septic tank and private well system.

The Pipewench

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 Re: Septic Tank or Treatment Plant
Author: westchester plumber

I guess I'm partial to municipal sewer over a septic system, that's all we have here. After reading the previous replies, I'm looking at it from a different angle.

Take into consideration the yearly cost for a municipal sewer, compared to a septic system.

After the initial installation cost of either, if you look at the long term cost of the two, a septic system appears to be much more economical than a city sewer system if the septic system is maintained properly and not abused.

Good Luck. *westchester plumber*

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 Re: Septic Tank or Treatment Plant
Author: Anonymous User

Let me explain a little more.

I live in the country and I am hooked up to the community water service, but I have a choice of rather putting in a septic tank or putting it what i think is called a water treatment plant. Which from what I understand will be sitting in my yard using electriciy and periodically have to drop in some type of chemical tablet.

I have seen septic tanks done two ways 1)one long line coming out of the tank 2)a line coming out of the tank and then branching off into several lines with no opening at the end.

It just looks like the septic tank method would be less cost and less maintenance.

What do ya'll think?

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 Re: Septic Tank or Treatment Plant
Author: HytechPlumber (LA)

In my area septic tanks or no longer allowed but many are grandfathered in. A sewer treatment plant is however approved. The Basics are similiar. The treatment plant has a air pump that keeps oxygen into the tank (assists bacteria) and is also on an audio alarm sensor to notify owner if power goes out. Some discharge into a drainage canal or pump out of a lawn sprinkler like apparatus. The discharge water usually filters through chlorine tablet bucket for final treatment. Although septic tanks are grandfathered in, some areas are requiring any homes sold to upgrade to a treatment plant or city sewer if available. All this should be considered in your decision. (forecast into the future) The problem with treatment plants is that many are not maintained properly, or parish inspected yearly, therefore counter acting the sole purpose they are designed for. GOOD LUCK

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