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 HELP!! - cpvc compression fitting fails!
Author: Anonymous User

I adapted 3/4" cpvc to 1/2" galvanized using a cpvc compression fitting only to be called back 4 hours later to a flooding house. There were no obvious reasons for it to have come apart, no broken parts, but the fitting had come off of the galvanized pipe and flooded the house.

It was a vertical application unlike others I have done in a horizontal application without any problems. Don't know if the vertical positioning makes a difference?! I can't figure out why it failed. Any ideas? I am open to any and all input.

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 Re: HELP!! - cpvc compression fitting fails!
Author: Anonymous User

Unless you have something that I haven't run into yet the cpvc compression union will not grip on galvanized or copper.
When I adapt over ( I use cpvc all the time as primary piping ) I use steel dressure with a friction ring on galv Or brass adaptor on copper.
Good luck
Southern Plumber
Also whenever I try something new I build a test in my shop and give it heck beforew I put it in a cust. house
southern plumber

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 Re: HELP!! - cpvc compression fitting fails!
Author: Dunbar (KY)

Did you check the water pressure before you made this application?

High water pressure can produce this result, along with thermal expansion from water heater, fast actuating valves (dishwasher,washing machine) or simply not tightening it down.

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Everything in Plumbing can be repaired or replaced.

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 Re: HELP!! - cpvc compression fitting fails!
Author: Scott D. Plumber (VA)

Wow, sorry to hear about that. I hope you have a good GL policy.

I do not like compression on anything other than fixture supplies and drainage stuff (just not comfortable with them)and would get back to a threaded joint and use a CPV x mip adapter instead.

Good luck.

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 Re: HELP!! - cpvc compression fitting fails!
Author: hj (AZ)

In th ehorizontal installations the pipe may have been locked in place so it could not move. Unless the compression "ring" can imbed itself into the pipe, as when using copper tubing, the seal depends on friction between the ring and pipe. When that is the case, the instructions always specify that the pipe be secured so it cannot move and then the compression joint just has to seal the leak, not restrain the piping also, as it was intended to do.

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