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 toilets drain problem...HELP!!
Author: Anonymous User

i have 2 toilets (both on same line) live in a single story townhome. Both toilets don't flush completly...or 1 flushes slowly, but not completly...i have used a plunger, a 6 foot snake and nothing has worked.I am renting, but a small clause in my lease says i am responsible for up to $200.00 in repair bills on any type of repair.I need to fix this but as cheaply as a single mother of 3 I don't have alot of extra $$. Can someone please give me advice? Thank You.

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 Re: toilets drain problem...HELP!!
Author: Dunbar (KY)

You need to pull one of those toilets and rent a drain cleaning machine from a rental yard and clean drain first to eliminate a clog.

If this is on a cross-tee.......make sure it drops; have someone on other side to make sure you don't send cable through other toilet.

Also need to see if vent is clogged above.

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 Re: toilets drain problem...HELP!!
Author: westchester plumber

You may want to check the main drain for a clog or restriction (downstream of both toilets).
Depending on how your townhouse plumbing system is designed you may have a clean-out fitting in the basement or an access cover for a clean-out fitting on the same level as the bathrooms. This doesn't sound like a job for a single Mom of 3.
Contact the owner, he/she might take care of this problem for you.
Good Luck. *westchester plumber*

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 Re: toilets drain problem...HELP!!
Author: HytechPlumber (LA)

It sounds like the main sewer line is stopped. If you are on city sewer find out what the policy is for the parish to come out and look at problem. In my area there is a 6" main clean out (usually in front of home) that will get inspected to comfirm if the problem is the parish or the homeowner. If the clean out is overflowing then the parish will fix or clean there side. If it is on the house side then consider notifying the homeowner. If the problem escalates in cost it will be from the person he called out to solve the problem. Also he may have a regular plumber that he trusts for situations such as this. GOOD LUCK

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 Re: toilets drain problem...HELP!!
Author: Deb (ID)

As a single mother (first) and a plumber (second), I am advising you to call a plumber to auger this for you. The equipment you need for a main line is large and dangerous--you will probably not even be able to lift it yourself. The cable can bind and start coiling up faster than you can believe--it is capable of taking fingers off or breaking bones. And it takes experience to learn to negotiate the turns and bends in a drainage system. This could very easily be over the $200.00 that you are required to pay.
The Pipewench

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 Re: toilets drain problem...HELP!!
Author: hj (AZ)

I fyou do not have a lot of money, call a plumber. Otherwise you may take up a toilet, rent a snaking machine, and then still have to call a plumber, and the first thing he will have to do is put everything back together so he can determine where the real problem is and if he has the proper machinery, he will not be able to snake it fromt he toilet anyway.

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 Re: toilets drain problem...HELP!!
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Deb has offered you some good advise. Heed it.
A plumbing system may include several hundred feet of large diameter piping between your toilet and the street. Any where along that path, it can be partially blocked or restricted. You may not even be your fault. It could be from someone who shares the line or from a previous dweller.
This job is not as easy as changing a light bulb. It is very hard, very difficult and can be very dangerous to a weekend WannaBe.
You don't carry enought insurance to protect you or the building, in the event you break a pipe or cause damage.
A license plumber may forego the inital $200 if the job is big enought to go to the street.
BestWishes !

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 Re: toilets drain problem...HELP!!
Author: Anonymous User

Call Rooterman and they can jet your line very quickly and inexpensively. We use a hydro-jetter. It's the best in the business.

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