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 spring-time plumbing problem
Author: Anonymous User

Every Spring or after a serious amount of rain I have water/plumbing problems. We have a basement bathroom and when flushing it causes the toilets upstairs to make loud, gulping-type noises. When I shower in one bathroom upstairs, the other bathroom's shower stall becomes filled with water. We cannot use our washing machine in the Spring because the basement will flood. We've been told it's a combination of the soil and leeching fields. Bottom line -- is there any way we can dig any type of drainage to help. I totally cannot afford a new septic and leeching fields. Please help. Thanks.

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 Re: spring-time plumbing problem
Author: jblanche (WI)

Check into gray water systems. There may be code issues depending on your local jurisdiction, but you may be able to divert washing machine, shower and other water that does not contain some threshold of feces, urine, food and so on.

A guy I used to work with used his washing machine water to water the lawn. That is, he pumped it out the side of his house some distance into the back yard. If you have a sump pit, you may be able to just put the washing machine discharge hose in the pit. Very simple system.

Links to the State of Wisconsin Plumbing Code:
I am not a plumber.

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 Re: spring-time plumbing problem
Author: hj (AZ)

If the soil is saturated, there is no place for additional water to drain, therefore there is no mechanical way to improve your system.

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 Re: spring-time plumbing problem
Author: Racer814

aahh....washing machines..the bane of septic tanks...remove it from the septic system and pipe out to ditch...did I just say that out loud?..........NOT accepted in most areas......(but works like a charm)

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 Re: spring-time plumbing problem
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

This could be an example of poor engineering or poor planning.
Before a septic system is installed a ground test is performed to determine how much moisture is in the soil and how much more moisture the soil can handle with an added septic system, based on a 12 month cycle.
If it is determine that the existing soil can not handle the additional moisture then a septic request is denied. This protects the land and the future homeowner.
During certain months of the year, your soil is so wet that it won't accept any additional moisture... be it rain or sewerage. That problem should have been revealed during the soil testing.
Based on the information which you provided, a Septic Company may have to empty your system like a garbage truck takes your garbage (weekly).
Do your neighbor have the same problem?
Best Wishes

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