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Here you can ask questions about issues regarding toilets, faucets, pumps, and any other plumbing related questions. (aka: " is frequented by expert plumbers, plumbing manufacturers, master plumbers, kitchen and bath designers, architects, engineers, home owners and the like.

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Our site is STRICTLY for the exchange of plumbing, kitchen, bath, toilets, faucets, and piping information and not for pricing, price quotes, how to operate a plumbing business, or for ethics (law) questions. - is not the place to ask "where do I buy" plumbing related products or "what other site is like yours" questions. Our site is strictly for plumbing advice. Not for general questions about life, business, or where to buy or find a product or part. We suggest that you use your search engine (we recommend Google, Yahoo or MSN) to locate products, or please visit our top sponsor as they have most plumbing products, are very experienced and offer a great service. Please note that posts that ask the plumbing experts where to buy a product generally will be deleted by our volunteer monitors. is also not a place to ask radiant heating, electrical or general construction type questions. We are exclusively for plumbing questions.

Not only will you find that we are the most popular plumbing advice forum, with the most posts of any plumbing only forum on the Net, we think that you will also find that has the most positive posts of any plumbing advice forum anywhere.

The newest posts are on top Here we discuss water, well, septic, sewer, drainage issues and the like.
We do not allow discussions of pricing nor where to find products nor product selections. - is the best place to get plumbing advice.
We repeat: is not the place to ask where you can find a plumbing product or to ask what is a "fair" price for plumbing work.

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