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 Basement reno - What system best to pump up waste and how to drain grey water? Design help please
Author: Katieterry85 (VA)

Hi, I am hoping for some direction in how to accomplish efficient drainage for the bathroom we'll be installing in our basement. We are unable to use the corner that has the septic pipe in it as that is the hearth location. Our original plan was to place the bathroom mid room, run the pipe through a dummy wall behind the hearth and use a toilet that could pump the waste up and over a bit as our septic system is too high for gravity to take it there. We have since changed our bathroom layout to the opposite corner from the existing pipe and want a doorway in between, so a pipe that near the floor would cross that and not work.
The proposed layout along that wall is as follows:
|bathroom| -- |doorway| -- |hearth| -- |current pipe to septic|

The bathroom will be located where we currently have our laundry, so water is already available there but the drainage currently backs up into the floor via a floor drain thanks to a big oak tree's root system. My questions are:
Is it simple to pump the waste straight up overhead?
Is that best (less noisy, less costly, compact) done via a special toilet with pump or external pump?
Should we pump the gray water up as well, or is it better to repair/replace the current drain for that?

This is all being done in a currently unfonished space. Concrete floors, block walls, no framing yet. Thank you for any advice as I know nothing but want to understand the process better so I can make the right decisions and save some mistakes along the way!

I have attempted to include photos of you try this link- [s836.photobucket.com]
Thank you!

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 Re: Basement reno - What system best to pump up waste and how to drain grey water? Design help please
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

You have lots of options, but I would open up the concrete, and run my pipes underneath the floor, you can lay out the bath any way you like and use any toilet of your choice, and put a basin and pump under the floor as well. It can then pump up and over to the existing sewer. You will need to leave access to the pump so you don't want it in the bathroom, maybe over in the laundry room or a place where you're not going to tile the floor. It will need to be vented so a pipe will need to be run up into the attic to tie into an existing vent or thru the roof.

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 Thanks for your input! :thumb:
Author: Katieterry85 (VA)

So any pump would need to be vented and thus need a path to the attic? That would play a role in placement since there is the main floor in between. Can it vent through an exterior wall instead by chance? Also, when running the pipe through the floor, what is the benefit over running overhead? The concern being once they are sealed up in the floor they are no longer accessible as there is no crawl space, in case of future problem. Are they unlikely to break if sealed, maybe? Thanks for your input!

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 Re: Thanks for your input! :thumb:
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

Yes, any pump will need to be vented, it can run up thru an exterior wall if need be, sometimes they can be snaked up thru an interior wall, up thru a back corner of a closet, etc.
I was referring to the toilet drain and shower drain being under the slab, correctly installed it will last a lifetime. After it goes into the pump then it can be pumped up and ran overhead.

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 Re: Thanks for your input! :thumb:
Author: Katieterry85 (VA)

Great! We have settled on a layout this evening implementing your advice. I really appreciate it!


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