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 clean outs
Author: dublinski (VA)

Recently we had a concrete patio done and the person started it before we got home. My husband and I were so excited because we had been waiting months, neither of us noticed that our 2 clean outs were covered in concrete. Both of the clean outs were 5" above the ground and we do not know how they could have been missed, but they are now buried in concrete. Now we are having plumbing issues in our bathroom and shower where stuff is backing up and water gurling. My husband rented a electric snake hoping this would resolve the issue, did not. He has poured so much stuff in our commode and in the vent, nothing is helping... the cleanouts are PVC so how can that be detected under concrete. we are having a fathers day get together in June 2017 so we need help asap....

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 Re: clean outs
Author: packy (MA)

the proper way to address this is to dig the yard at the end of the patio and have a 2 way cleanout installed.
then have your lawyer send the bill to the patio company as they have violated plumbing codes by removing the cleanouts you had.
if you want the quick, no hassle way out, pull a toilet and have a sewer cleaning company clear the stoppage from inside.. do have a camera sent down the pipe to make sure the patio company has not damaged your piping..

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 Re: clean outs
Author: hj (AZ)

If they were that high they should not be very far below the surface of the concrete. Tap on the floor with a hammer and listen for a "hollow' sound.

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 Re: clean outs
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

Something not clear about this. When you planned the concrete patio and decided where it would be and what size it would be did you not see that the cleanouts would be covered? Or was the patio location and size all left up to the guys doing the work? Now that its done I don't know that I'd break a hole in the concrete for them even if you could find them, unless you want that in the middle of your patio. Probably best to install another cleanout out in the yard a few feet from the patio edge.

They make an electronic tool for finding buried pipes. They work similar to those metal detectors that people use. For a plastic drain pipe a long metal wire like a fish tape can be inserted into the pipe from inside the house down a drain near where the sewer pipe exits from under the house. Then the tool will detect that wire inside the plastic pipe and tell you where that buried sewer pipe is located. You can take several readings and mark where the buried line is. Your cleanouts will be on that line under the concrete.

Here is an example, the depth finding range varies depending on the tool:

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