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 Washing machine drain
Author: jonesb78 (OH)

My washing machine drain is backing up. I poured drain cleaner down and flushed it out with a water hose and the water went down fine. Once I ran a load in the washer it backed up again. Is it possible the vent pipe is clogged? Everything else is draining fine.

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 Re: Washing machine drain
Author: packy (MA)

you need to run a snake wire down the drain...

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 Re: Washing machine drain
Author: jonesb78 (OH)

Tried that too

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 Re: Washing machine drain
Author: hj (AZ)

You need a snake in the drain, regardless of whether YOU tried it or not. The vent is NOT the problem. If it were the drain would work BETTER than when it was not plugged.

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 Re: Washing machine drain
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

Vent pipes are often suspected and blamed but they usually aren't the problem. People will attempt to clear the drain pipe of a blockage and when the water backup problem still happens they assume something else must be the problem since they snaked the drain, so they blame the vent pipe. But actually they were not successful when they tried clearing the blockage in the drain pipe. Many blockages are partial, they still allow water to slowly get past. So while you are working on the drain the backup water can go down and you think it is now ok.

Washing machines are the worst for exposing a partial blockage because they dump a large amount of water in a short amount of time. And that blockage could be several feet down the pipe. Cleaning a stubborn clogged drain usually takes some experience, or some luck if you are short on experience. If you have a sewer cleanout outside your home you can remove it and get an idea of where the blockage is (inside the home or under the yard) and how well the drain water is or is not flowing in the sewer pipe. Some blockages can be loosened by vigorous plunging in a nearby sink drain or a floor drain. Your blockage may be in the sewer drain near the washing machine drain pipe, or in could be further down from there. A drain cleaning person would probably start by thoroughly snaking thru the washer standpipe and downstream from there. If your home has sewer cleanouts available those could be used also.

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