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 bathroom faucet connector
Author: su (MD)


I have 2 cpvc (hot and cold) coming out of wall under bathroom sink.
I have a valve (cheap with plastic knob)on end of cpvc to connect the faucet connector hoses (not compression valve, only the glue type). It seems when I go to connect hose to the valve it leaks above the nut (on the connector)

I replaced the hose twice (shortest connector). It was coiled real tight and i think I put too much pressure on the line when connecting it to the valve.

I ended up lowering the cpvc pipe in the wall so the connector could go in straighter.Is it common for hoses to leak above nut when bending too much? I prefer not to make my own connector because not a plumber.

also what do you use...plumbers tape on both ends of the connector?

Thank you

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 Re: bathroom faucet connector
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Can you post of picture of your set-up ?

Best Wishes

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 Re: bathroom faucet connector
Author: packy (MA)

tape won't help but pipe dope might ?? anyway, this is a simple compression connection that utilizes a rubber washer to help it seal.. i've installed hundreds without a problem.

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 Re: bathroom faucet connector
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

Rigid water supply lines can be difficult to install if that is what you are using. Yes, it isn't good to put any sideways stress on a plastic water line, that can make them leak.

If possible I'd use flexible water supply lines, get them in a length that is slightly longer than needed, it will gently bend to take up the extra length. Each end of the supply line has a nut for attaching, one end goes to the shutoff valve which is usually 3/8" size, the other end of the supply line attaches to the faucet stem which is often 1/2" size. When attaching the water line to the faucet stem it is good to use a second wrench to hold the faucet stem so it doesn't twist as you tighten the water line nut with the other wrench.

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 Re: bathroom faucet connector
Author: packy (MA)

that trap look extra deep to you?

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 Re: bathroom faucet connector
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

What trap??? I was looking at the plumber!

[and don't say anything about the tailpiece]

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