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 Pipe vibration
Author: Kms7 (PA)

I have an odd issue. I have one cold water supply pipe that feeds both the toilet and the sink in my bathroom. The pipes rattle when the toilet is used but not the sink. I have already ripped out the sheet rock and tied the pipes to 2x4s. I thought maybe the toilet hardware was having issues so I removed the supply pipe from the toilet and tried to just run water into a bucket. Same results pipes rattle. The only thing I can note between the two is that the pipe starts out as 3/4. For the feed to the sink there is a sleeve that down grades the pipe to 1/2. The feed for the sink comes from there and then the pipe transitions to just being 1/2 and from there goes to the toilet which is about two feet away. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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 Re: Pipe vibration
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

It could be rattling from a pipe further away from the toilet or it could be a faulty washer in the angle stop seating if it is the old style angle stop. You could change it out to the newer ball valve type angle stop to rule this out. Be sure your isolation valves don't leak by and that the water is off when you change out the angle stop. Good luck.

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 Re: Pipe vibration
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

When you flush the toilet it refills the tank at a fairly fast rate so water is moving fast thru the cold water pipe. But when you turn on the sink faucet there is less water flowing thru the pipe.

Until you figure out the problem and get it fixed try turning down the toilet shutoff valve halfway or more and see if that reduces the noise you are hearing. Doing this doesn't hurt anything, it will just take a little more time to fill the toilet tank.

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