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 Low water in toilet bowl
Author: Nygirl3 (NY)

I just replaced the flapper in my old Koehler Wellworth. The toilet no longer keeps running. But now the water level in the bowl seems very low. It still fully flushes but I can't figure out how to get more water to fill up the toilet bowl. Is it the length of the chain? It seems that the rod that the chain connects (that connects on the other side to the handle) to is angled down, and ends very close to the flapper. Should that be? This is my first foray into any DIY plumbing so forgive me if my terminology is wrong!

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 Re: Low water in toilet bowl
Author: packy (MA)

could be ??
did you save the old flapper so you can see the length the chain was on it ??
also, kohler flappers are very specific and a flapper that looks the same will most of the time not work correctly.

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 Re: Low water in toilet bowl
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

Did you disturb or change anything else in the tank? The fill valve on the left side of the tank typically has a small tube that puts water down the overflow tube in the center of the tank. This is what refills the bowl with water after a flush. If that tube is just hanging loose its water will go into the tank instead of down the overflow tube and into the bowl. Sometimes newbie-plumbers mistakenly think that little tube is supposed to put its water in the tank to fill the tank, but it is meant for refilling the bowl.

This photo may not look exactly like your toilet but it will probably be similar. Look at the tube called "Fill Tube" and how it is inserted into the overflow tube. That's what refills your toilet bowl after a flush.

Also, if the flush handle rod is hanging downward more than you want check the nut that holds the handle up against the tank, it may be loose. Many of them are made with a square opening in the tank so the handle won't droop, or some other way to prevent that from happening. You can replace the flush handle if you want, they are easy to change and low cost.

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