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 Hot water takes too long to arrive
Author: wdavid (CA)

Please help me to solve this puzzle. I had a Rheem gas water heater with a recirculating system for quick hot water. I never ran recirculating, as just by leaving the shutoff valves in the recirculating loop open, I started getting hot water coming out of the shower heads upstairs in about 15 seconds. (Interestingly, when I closed the shutoff valves, it took longer to get the hot water to arrive.) After 10+ years, I had to replace the old Rheem with a new Rheem bought from Home Depot. The plumber did the replacement, but now running the same way as before, it took over two and a half minutes for the water to get warm. We just couldn't figure out why.
An observation: I ran the recirculating pump, the water did get hot after a minute and a half, which is too long. Also, after recirculating a while, the piping between the pump and the heater felt warm, but that on the other side of the pump remained cold – perhaps this is an indication of the problem?

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 Re: Hot water takes too long to arrive
Author: hj (AZ)

The pipe for the circulation system may have an "air lock" and has to be purged to start working again.

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 Thanks hj :thumb:
Author: wdavid (CA)

Thanks hj. How do you purge an air lock. I did run the recirculation for a day and a night. Is there the right way to do it? (By the way, I never received an email notification when you responded. Are we all supposed to check the site daily?)

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