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 Plumbing to replace 2 sinks with one
Author: jf0423 (MA)

We're planning to remodel our bathroom and we're considering replacing our current 2-sink vanity with one with a single center sink. Would the plumbing required for that cost significantly more than if we simply stuck with the current 2-sink setup or is it not a huge deal? In other words, will it cost more to change the pipes to use just one sink or to stick with what we have and pay for two sets of faucets and cutouts in the countertop? Thanks for your help.

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 Re: Plumbing to replace 2 sinks with one
Author: packy (MA)

probably be pretty simple but post a picture so we can tell for sure..

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 Re: Plumbing to replace 2 sinks with one
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

If the new single sink isn't all that far from one of the previous sink locations you should be able to run new longer water supply hoses from the old sink's hot and cold water shutoff valves to the new sink, especially if they will be hidden behind or inside cabinets. The drain can be similarly run from the new sink to the old drain, as long as it slopes downward from the sink trap over to the existing drain pipe connection it should work fine. That will be fairly low cost. If this new plumbing will be visible then you could have other appearance considerations. Any of the old sink drains pipes can be capped and the unused water supply pipes can have their shutoff valves removed and the pipes capped off, or simply shut off the unused shutoff valves, and again, if they are inside the cabinet they won't be seen or cause a problem. And if you ever add a small under-counter point of service water heater to that bathroom the unused water supply pipes could be handy.

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 Re: Plumbing to replace 2 sinks with one
Author: george 7941

The drain plumbing for a single sink will likely be cheaper than the drain plumbing for double sinks.

Unless you are replacing the existing double sinks with two identical new ones mounted in the exact same locations, the existing drain pipes will have to be redone to match the new sinks. It will be less work to plumb in a single sink than it is to plumb in two sinks.

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 Thank you all! :clap:
Author: jf0423 (MA)

Thank you all! Yes, we are putting in a vanity that will cover everything so I think I'll just go with the one sink.

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