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 Tub pipes dropped when drain gasket removed
Author: dawngri (CT)

I needed to replace an old lever style plug stop system. The new brass stoppers would not fit, despite many trips to the plumber. So I decide to replace the hair screen with a new Danco plug type screw in system. I had the over flow off, (the new Danco over flow does not work, as the old 2 screw can not be converted to the Danco cover because the metal bar is too wide for the hole and pulls the pipe away from the wall. I had the old lever system out.
Then I removed the hair screen and unscrewed the inside drain part. When I removed the old putty and gasket, ... the drain pipes dropped out and down about 1 1/2 -2". I have tried tying the pipes and using wedges to get the bottom pipe in place (from the basement). I managed with great difficulty to get the old over flow back into place to hold the pipe up. But no matter what I try I can not get the base pipe in the exact position.
Should I try going ahead and place new putty, the gasket and screwing in the new plug and hope the pipe is in place properly and secure? Or should I give it up and call a plumber?

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 Re: Tub pipes dropped when drain gasket removed
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

You need to determine why it dropped and correct this first. Then deal with the alignment. If it was connected before, what is preventing it from being reconnected? For example: If the piping needs to be supported, do that making sure you can then reconnect the overflow. Take your time and you will solve this.

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 Thank you :clap:
Author: dawngri (CT)

Plumberlauren, thank you for your reply. The pipes had previously been replaced due to a leakage issue. The plumber that did that job, had cut the metal hangers that were holding the pipes in place. I noticed the cut metal. I figured this out. Unfortunately Stabilizing the pipes to continue the job is not something I can do by myself due to a back injury. Thank you, you are so correct!!!!!

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 Re: Tub pipes dropped when drain gasket removed
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

Don't hesitate to get someone to help you with this, even if they just provide the brute strength and you tell them what to do. Having a second person to help will make the job a lot easier. If no one can help you may need to improvise, use a board or rope to hold the pipe in place while you strap it where it should be.

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 Re: PROS can't fix it!!! Tub pipes dropped when drain gasket removed
Author: dawngri (CT)

I finally called the pros. They said you don't need to support the pipes. The new putty will do the trick........ unfortunately the problem has become a nightmare.... the pros came in and replace the pipes and all new parts, the lever style components. The tub leaks ever so slowly, but the sound is deafening!!!
They came back and replaced the parts again. Same loud sound of a constant leak, yet the leak is very slow, barely noticeable.
They came back AGAIN and replaced the parts again, same problem. No one can figure this out......
Today they came back for the fourth time. So far the lever style drain parts have been replaced 3 times and all new pipes replaced twice......... still the loud sound of a leak can be heard. We waste so much oil and water....... they ended up by placing a plastic drain plug......
They had 3 different guys here. They have been plumbers for 30 years and have never seen such a problem.
They said they will try throwing the problem around with everyone they know, but are very puzzled.

Any one ever seen this happen????

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