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 True Mystery - Loud screeching from walls
Author: jay7 (TX)

My house is from the 70's. A 2-story town house. There is this squealing noise, sounds like someone is dragging a chair on the second floor of the house, but from the second floor it's kind of faint, but still noticeably decent level sound, but much louder on the first floor. Any way, it happens so randomly, that I can't even get a real second opinion. And I don't know if it's plumbing, a/c or what!
I've tried other forms of help online only to get answers like animals, ghosts (come on), tree/branch and hammering. It's none of these things. I wish I could explain the sound better. Sometimes I'll even hear a dropping sound like a light squeal or screech followed by a sound like something small fell on the floor. Almost like a nail.

I don't have a dual a/c system either. My repair guy heard the noise once and asked me that question. He obviously couldn't tell me what it was either.

And it happens at random. And sometimes it's longer or louder vs other times. Sometimes late at night, sometimes in the day. I want to guess it has to do with weather changing. I don't know though. Thank you!

Ps not sure if it's related, but I'm hearing some random drops/knocking sounds inside the walls occasionally. Sounds like water or dripping from something but I don't see the correlation with this squealing sound is asking about since that usually comes from one section of the home. And although the squealing is from a certain are, I still just can't seem to pinpoint the exact location or know what is is making the noise.

Told you! A true mystery! I'm puzzled. And it's been happening for over a year or two.I believe it's piping but i could be wrong!

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 Re: True Mystery - Loud screeching from walls
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

If you want to find out if any water supply pipes are leaking one way is to have all your water faucets off, icemaker turned off, etc. Then go to your water meter and look at it. There should be a little spinning indicator on the face of the meter, it spins when there is any water flowing thru the meter. If there is a leak then it should spin. It may move slowly if the leak is small, you may have to watch it for a minute or two. If you have a leak in a drain pipe this won't tell you about that, this comment is for the pressurized water supply pipes.

Here are a couple of examples:

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