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 Freezeproof plumbing ?
Author: CausticProcedure (CO)

Hi all,
I'd like to know if there is some way to keep pipes from bursting if the electric is off for a very long time. In this case a mfg home in a rural area. This could also apply to a home that's off the grid and uses alternate energy.
Thanks ..... AR

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 Re: Freezeproof plumbing ?
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

If you are not going to be staying at the mobile home and want to protect the pipes you could install a shutoff valve that has a drain port in the main water line. That way the water could be shutoff at the valve and the port opening would let the pipes in the mobile home be drained. You open the various faucets in the home to help the water drain from the piping. Keep in mind that any traps under the sink, tub and in the toilet contain water and could still freeze so you'd need to add RV type antifreeze to each drain. You would also need to drain the water heater and flush the toilet to get its tank empty. This can be some work but anywhere in and under the home that there is water it can freeze unless the water is removed or it is heated to above 32 degrees. Depending on how long you are talking about an alternative would be to get a gasoline powered electrical generator and wrap the water pipes with electrical pipe warming tape, keep the inside of the home above freezing with space heaters using kerosene or small electric heaters depending on your electrical generator, open cabinet doors under sinks to let warmth get in there.

If you are off the grid and have solar generated electricity then you just need to keep the solar system working, have backup batteries that will get you thru down time until the solar is repaired if it breaks down. Use the solar elec to keep things warm, it doesn't have to be toasty, in the upper 30's or low 40's temps will do it.

An old-fashioned way is to turn on every faucet slightly so that fresh water from underground (which may be cold but it is well above 32 degrees) is brought into the homes pipes and runs continuously thru the hot and cold pipes. Wastes a lot of water but works. This won't work if your home is on a well and needs elec to operate. You'd still need to take precautions with the toilet tank.

Can you give more information on what you are seeking?

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 Re: Freezeproof plumbing ?
Author: hj (AZ)

Unless the piping was installed with the intention of draining it during cold weather, it is UNLIKELY that you would be able to get ALL the water out so as to prevent breaking.

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 Re: Freezeproof plumbing ?
Author: m & m (MD)

Unless the plumbing system is installed originally to meet these specs, it would be very difficult to retrofit an existing system.

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