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 island plumbing very slow drain
Author: scootcha (FL)

Hi there, For about a week my kitchen island sink started to drain painfully slow and backs up into the sink within a minute of running water. I can get a 24' snake in no problem, I know I probably need a longer snake, but I do not understand why it backs up so quick when the snake goes so far in. I changed the studor vent and also tried the drain bladder, any suggestions? Also, I am a woman trying to fix this, so please put it in layman terms. Thanks all in advance :)

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 Re: island plumbing very slow drain
Author: sum (FL)

Kitchen waste tend to be soft blockages with blobs of yummyness containing grease, coffee grounds, swollen rice & pasta, beans, and other things your disposer sent down. For this reason you need a correct size snake head to completely clean the drain otherwise it is like poking a 1/4" hole in a 2" ball of jello and as soon as you pull it back the jello heals itself or just get pushed slightly down a bit.

I am not a plumber so wait for pro advice.

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 Re: island plumbing very slow drain
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

Since it backs up so soon after running water into the sink I'd start by getting under the sink and removing the trap (bent piping) that is attached to the tailpiece that comes down from the sink drain. That might be where the clog is. There is usually a nut on each end of the removable trap piece. We found a bunch of potato peelings in ours one time, even though they had gone thru the disposal first.

Here is a photo of a trap under a bathroom sink to give you an idea of what they look like. Yours won't be exactly like this, but there will be a nut on each end of the bent piece of pipe that can be loosened so the pipe comes apart. Careful, there will be water inside, that's what the trap does, it holds water in there to block odors and fumes from the sewer drain line.


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 Re: island plumbing very slow drain
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

Or the blockage may be downstream 25', and is slowly seeping thru . That could be the reason it backs up so quickly.

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 Thank you! :thumb:
Author: scootcha (FL)

Thank you for your input. A longer, wider 50'ft snake did the trick. :)

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