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 Low water pressure on cold side of kitchen sink only
Author: Cardsfan2017 (IA)

Recently we moved our refrigerator from one side of the kitchen to the other. In doing so we had to disconnect the water line for the icemaker to the fridge. When doing so we had to put a new piercing valve on the copper water pipe downstairs as it was old and slightly leaking. Ever since then we have had very weak water pressure on the cold side of our kitchen faucet which flows directly from the water pipe downstairs that we had to install the new valve on. My wife actually installed it so I'm not sure if she did something wrong but it all appears to be OK it doesn't leak. Yesterday I removed the flexible hoses to both the hot and cold side underthe kitchen faucet and switched them around. I get the same results from either side of the faucet so I know it's not the faucet. Do you have any suggestions as to what the problem could be? It doesn't seem to be the shut off valve for the pipe underneath the sink. I tested that by running both lines into a 5 gal bucket. I have great water pressure on the hot side still very little water pressure on the cold side. Is it possible my wife install the piercing valve incorrectly? By the way this is only occurring at the kitchen sink. The sink and the shower and the bathroom is working fine both hot and cold. I appreciate any help I can get thank you!

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 Re: Low water pressure on cold side of kitchen sink only
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

The piercing valve just makes a small hole in the side of the copper pipe for water to flow into the icemaker water line. So I don't see how that would reduce the flow of cold water in the main pipe it is attached to. Did she shutoff a water valve somewhere before she did the work, maybe didn't get it turned back on fully? The work she did may have dislodged sediment or other particles in the cold water pipe and they have clogged at the cold water shutoff valve under the sink where the faucet connects.

Your statement about it not being the cold water shutoff valve causing the problem isn't clear, you said when you tested it you had weak pressure when running water into a bucket??

I don't know how long you've been married, but even if your wife installed it wrong she didn't make a mistake.

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 Re: Low water pressure on cold side of kitchen sink only
Author: Cardsfan2017 (IA)

Lmao! Thank you for the response. I'm just replaced the piercing valve and plast water line to the ice maker with the same results. Tomorrow I'm going to try replacing the water shut off valve under the faucet. My wife got a good laugh out of your last comment! Have a good one!

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