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 Water/sewer line insurance
Author: sri980 (MD)

In reading your blog we found that we have the same questions. A company called HomeServe USA has sent us information regarding their insurance plans for water/sewer lines. They say they are working for our water company WSSC but per the water company they are not contractors for WSSC.

Have you heard of this company and are they reliable. We are completely confused.

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 Re: Water/sewer line insurance
Author: NoHub (MA)

Ask them if they can group it with some asteroid insurance too!!!!, Big waste of money.

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 Re: Water/sewer line insurance
Author: hj (AZ)

Unless you have a sewer, such as Orangeburg, and/or water lines which are known to have problems, it is a waste of money.

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 Re: Water/sewer line insurance
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Check with your local Better Business Bureau and check on complaints on the service.

I believe they make a profit, from your business.

Best Wishes

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 Re: Water/sewer line insurance
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

Here's a newspaper story about Homeserve USA from a reputable newspaper, it's from a few years ago but I doubt they are any different today, I'd stay away from them:

"Beware if you've been solicited by HomeServe"


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 Re: Water/sewer line insurance
Author: hj (AZ)

EVERYONE "makes a profit from your business", otherwise we would all go bankrupt.

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 Re: Water/sewer line insurance
Author: sum (FL)

My city has the same type of offer where you can buy insurance from a plumbing contractor who seems to have made arrangements with the city.

It covers only the section of the line from outside your house to the property line. Not inside your house.

So if you have a backup in one of your bathrooms and they come to snake it. I am pretty sure it is only covered if the blockage is on the exterior segment. How would you as a home owner know if the blockage is 12' downstream or 38' downstream? If it is on the exterior segment and its roots, would the contractor claim pre-existing and exclude the coverage? There is also a deductible, I don't remember exactly but its not that high, its something like $3000 or $5000 which may not fully cover a line replacement.

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