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Author: mochiVT (VT)

Here's what i want to do, please let me know if it will work and if so what kind of pump or pumps I will need.

I am building a house this year, we do not have a well yet and since we are spending all our $$$ on the house it will be a year before we can afford a well so what I want to do is plumb the house, run water lines to the kitchen and bathroom
and set up a pressure tank in the basement.

i want to a also have a 50 gallon water barrel in the basement and place a pump in it to fill the pressure tank so we can have running water in the house. is it possible to pump water from a 50 gallon barrell into the pressure tank and if so what kind of pump would i need.

I would also like to pump water from out creek into the 50 gallon barrel, would i need a different pump then the one to pump water into the pressure tank?

i can always fill the 50 gallon barrel wit 5 gallon buckets but it would be easier to pump it from the creek...

Thanks for any advice


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Author: Paul48 (CT)

A creek is not an appropriate source of water, for you or your family. You have no idea of what has entered the water upstream. Beavers, dead animals, and animal scat can all contain disease.

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Author: mochiVT (VT)

water would be filtered, thanks for your concern but am morre interested in the logistics

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Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

You can use a 1/2 h.p. 10 GPM submersible pump to transfer water from the barrel to the pressure tank and house. I would use a low water cut off switch on the tank tee in case you pump the barrel dry that will shut the pump down and you'll have to manually reset the switch after the barrel is full, it'll also prevent any pump damage by preventing it from running dry.
I'd probably mount a 110 V float switch in the barrel to turn on a cheap jet pump to pump water from the creek to the barrel. You'll need a foot valve on the end of the pipe where it sticks down in the creek. You can get an inexpensive jet pump that'll do all you need it to do. It's not going to have to build any pressure, just transfer water from the creek to the barrel.

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Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

My sister and her husband built a nice little cabin out in the country on some farm land they own, has a clear running creek that the kids like to play in and fish. They go out there often, spend the night. They have several solar powered lights around. It has a bathroom with toilet and sink, plus a shower, all is gravity fed. No electricity, they have a large water tank mounted on a tall stand, it catches rainwater from the cabin roof. The water tank connects to the toilet, sink and shower. They don't drink the water or cook with it, but it is clean rainwater and they add chlorine monthly to the water tank, not just in case it had bacteria but also to keep algae growth under control. This has worked very well, even for larger family gatherings. The shower isn't high pressure but you can get clean. They also have a portable gas generator they take out there, have an electric pump that will brink water from the creek into the tank, they fill the tank now and then during dry season when rainwater isn't enough. The electric water pump is not very large, they used inexpensive poly pipe to run the water to the tank. The end of the pipe in the creek has a filter screen made of wire, keeps the minnows out of the tank. The worst thing that's probably in the creek water is Hereford pee, although anything is possible.

I'd check into getting a loan and getting the well installed if at all possible. You might be able to get by for a short time, but it will get old not having clean cold and hot water. Even if you are willing to tough it out a woman needs some modern comforts, no matter how good a sport she is.

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