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 Well cap has water seeping up around it
Author: mgccrx (OH)

So, here in northeast ohio, we have been getting quite a bit of snow. When it began snowing yesterday, I noticed that there was no snow around my well cap, meaning it was melting when it hit the ground. The well cap is on the edge of my brick patio, and when I went to investigate, I noticed that the bricks around the well cap had sunk a little bit. When I stepped on the bricks adjacent to the well cap, there was water seeping up from under the bricks. Any idea what could cause this? Where should I start to try and investigate the cause of the water leak?

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 Re: Well cap has water seeping up around it
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

I assume you have a pitless adapter on your well instead of a well head with a cover ? The most probable cause would be a leak around pitless adapter. You may need to pull the cover off the well casing and shine a light down around the adapter. Hopefully the water level has risen and it's just seeping out around the adapter.

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 Re: Well cap has water seeping up around it :clap:
Author: mgccrx (OH)

I guess that would make the most sense. Yes, I do have a pitless adapter. Thanks for the info, I will do some investigating when I get home.

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 Re: Well cap has water seeping up around it
Author: packy (MA)

i'm a city boy and don't know an awful lot about wells.. but i think i would look here first.. pitless adapter..

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 Re: Well cap has water seeping up around it
Author: m & m (MD)

Most probably the underground fitting attached to the pitiless adapter is leaking. Make sure the new replacement fitting is stainless steel.

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