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 100 yr old tub/shower remodel
Author: genmaster (PA)

I am remodeling a "rowhome" built in 1903. The walls are plaster and lathe. I have installed a standard size tub, and will be tiling the surround. I bought a new mixing valve, shower head and tub spout set to install. The problem is how shallow the wall is where the handle and mixing valve assembly is. I have two questions: first, is there a shallow type of mixing valve made for older homes, and second, do they still make the older type of faucet valves where you end up with two seperate valves? I'm thinking the second type will easily fit in the shallow wall. The wall is 1 7/8 inch thick without the tub side finished...

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 Re: 100 yr old tub/shower remodel
Author: hj (AZ)

NO VALVE will fit inside a 2" wall, other than some RV/mobile home ones

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 Re: 100 yr old tub/shower remodel
Author: packy (MA)

i don't believe a 3 handle tub/shower valve will help.
you are probably gonna have to fir out the wall with strapping to get you to 2 3/8 deep. then with 1/2 cement board and 3/8 for tile and mastic you should be OK.
do check the manufacturers web site for rough in drawings with dimensions for the valve you plan to use.
P/S, the strapping would go from floor to ceiling with the tub butted up against it. this will also give you a chance to make a nice 90 deg corner for the 'business' end of the tub.

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