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 shark bite fittings
Author: Johnathon (CA)

I'm considering doing my own plumbing. Doe's anyone have any advice or experience with using shark bite fittings? They sure make it simple and easy, but are they reliable?

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 Re: shark bite fittings
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

At the present time they are reliable. After they have been in service 20 years or more, who knows. I would not even consider plumbing a new home with shark bites. They are many other ways of joining pipes that are time tested and a lot less expensive.

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 Re: shark bite fittings
Author: Jroberson (GA)

I have PB and PEX tubing running throughout my mobile home. When the PB lines get old or the QEST fitting start failing I have been replacing with sharkbite fittings and connectors. No leaks or problems. Quick to install.

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 Re: shark bite fittings
Author: NoHub (MA)

In my Professional opinion there fine for small (Exposed) jobs like under the sink or a quick emergency repair but I know no Pro's that plum homes with them....not to mention the cost of there things are crazy.

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 Re: shark bite fittings
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

I'd be careful about putting them in places they can't be checked easily later on, like behind a wall. In fact I'm not sure that is even allowed.

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 Re: shark bite fittings
Author: sum (FL)

There are places that allows sharkbites to be used for concealed installations.

The issue with sharkbites is that it is designed to work with many types of pipes like copper, CPVC, PEX etc...thus it has to deal with slight variations of outside diameters. There are o-rings inside the sharkbites that may wear or lose it's plasticity over time whereas soldered or flared connections do not have these parts. Also if the pipes are cut with a tubing cutter and not deburred it could also nick the o-rings when the pipe is seated into the fitting. Lastly sharkbites haven't been around long enough to know if they would last decades.

I am not a pro but do my own plumbing and haven't used sharkbites for anything except temp connections.

The other thing I find about sharkbites is they "swing" so they need to be stabilized.

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 Re: shark bite fittings
Author: Pipe runner (AZ)

I believe they do make PB x PEX crimp connectors. But in your case I agree shark bites are good. I would be more concerned with the PB pipe than the shark bites.

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 Re: shark bite fittings
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

I like Sum's advice and would follow it if I were you.

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