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 Water Softener Question
Author: abudwill (AZ)


I have a water softener, it is a:

MacCLEAN MCWS150MEJ, also identical as the Aqua-pure CWS150MEJ.

I went to add salt the other day and the brine tank is full of water. The brine tank float triggered and won't allow any new water to be added to the tank. I siphoned the water out. I removed all the salt looking for salt bridges (didn't find any). I took the opportunity to clean out the tank.

Re-installed, filled it with a little water, told it to regen.

During the brine cycle, instead of water being sucked from the brine tank and used to clean the media, the brine tank is filling up with more water for the entire brine cycle.

When it backwashes the water goes down the drain (in other words, the drain works).

The brine tube is not bent. I removed the whole brine valve assembly - the ball check valve at the bottom is working as it should. I am not able to detect any leaks (everything seems air tight).

I removed the injector, it was not blocked.

I removed the drain elbow on the valve body and looked for blockages, nothing.

There is an elbow on the valve body that leads to the brine tank, took that off, nothing unusual.

I did remove the main piston and regenerative piston - they didn't look unusual, however I dont know what they should look like or what function they really serve.

Anyone have thoughts on what the problem might be or what to do next in terms of troubleshooting? Don't really want to just start throwing parts at it.


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 Re: Water Softener Question
Author: m & m (MD)

Usually a flooded brine tank points to an injector problem. Beyond that, you probably need to look at the valve piston, etc.

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 Thanks so much for your assistance. :thumb:
Author: abudwill (AZ)


Thanks for the suggestion. I am just a regular joe. After examining the water softener, the only pieces I dont understand how they work include the spacer stack assembly and the 2 pistons in / around it.

Well, it turns out there was a seal that was broken inside the spacer stack assembly. I went ahead and replaced that assembly along with some o-rings and the 2 pistons for good measure. I am back in business! Thanks so much for your assistance.

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