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 American Standard shower valve body
Author: fixer66 (PA)

I'm trying to remodel my shower/bath. I think I may have made a big mistake. I've already put my cement board up with backerboard screws and construction adhesive, so it's in there permanently. I planned on using the existing shower volume/temperature control valve because it is fairly new and I don't want the hassle of changing it out. I planned on changing the shower/bath faucet & trim set to something that is more aesthetically pleasing to suit my taste. What I didn't know is that the type of existing valve pretty much dictates the trim that you can use. This was an amateur mistake. I was under the assumption that the valve was pretty much interchangeable with any trim package. WRONG!! The type of valve that I've got is an American Standard R125. My question is: Is the valve cartridge that is on the R125 interchangeable with the cartridge on the American Standard R115? If so, this would solve my problem. If not, I'm in a world of hurt.

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 Re: American Standard shower valve body
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

Are these the shower valves? If so, the parts lists shows different part numbers for the cartridges, don't know if they will interchange though.



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 Thanks for your help! :clap:
Author: fixer66 (PA)

Yep, by the looks of the diagram, I believe those are the valves/cartridges I'm lookin' for/talkin' about! The R125 cartridge that is currently on the assembly I've got has that square shape with the notch on the very front of the cartridge. The R115, which is what I believe I need to make the trim package that I want to function properly, has a dial/knob on the front. The pressure balancing unit appears to be the same model number in each drawing and the cartridge connects directly to it, so I don't see why the two cartridges wouldn't be interchangeable. I'll give it a shot & see what happens. Thanks for your help!

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 Re: American Standard shower valve body
Author: Curly (CA)

Cartridges are interchangeable.

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