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 Am Standard 2881 faucet escutcheon
Author: FritzL (NY)

I assume the escutcheon 908505 doesn't come with deck adapter, M962161?
The M962161 is disintegrating (10yo or so) to some degree and doesn't seem to hold the surface of the lav sink when I trying to mount the valve.
Is there a way to dislodge the M962161 from the escutcheon? I think it screws on, but it won't budge.
Or am I just better off getting both the escutcheon and the deck adapter?
And perhaps a new rubber washer 030258-0070A?

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 Re: Am Standard 2881 faucet escutcheon
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

M962161 screws down onto the valve assembly. I wouldn't order a rubber gasket, either plumbers putty or silicon can be used , depending upon what the mounting surface is made of.

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