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 Chrome drum trap?
Author: exapprentice30 (MA)

I went to a store that sell s used building material s and found a chromed brass drum trap with a curved side inlet on the side and the outlet on the top like a regular p trap. why is the inlet curved? Can t find any pictures or information on the trap. I have seen them on sink s in our middle school built in 1952.

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 Re: Chrome drum trap?
Author: packy (MA)

you mean likw this?
sponsor sells them. they are for hair..


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 Re: Chrome drum trap?
Author: exapprentice30 (MA)

The outlet has a nut connection on the top that your trap arm would connect to and the inlet has fine thread s.

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 Re: Chrome drum trap?
Author: hj (AZ)

They are for use in beauty parlors under the hair wash sinks. There is usually a "strainer grid" inside them.

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 Re: Chrome drum trap?
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

Yes, and the grid can be removed and cleaned without losing the trap's water seal.

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 Re: Chrome drum trap?
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Zurn, Wade, Josam are 3 companies that make them. Clay traps are part of codes in a ARTS Room. Quite often after years of service the basket becomes rusted and falls apart, requiring a new bucket basket, with handle.
Knowing the brand of your trap is most important. Those inlets and outlets may be 2 inches or greater.

Best Wishes

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