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 Bacterial problems with Delta faucet
Author: Bill Lawrence (Non-US)

My house is on a private well. This means no chlorine in the water. I have a Delta model 1353-DST kitchen tap. Works great for 3 years, that is no leaking or mechanical problems. Recently I began taking samples of water to my local county health unit where they perform a free test for the presence of coliform and E-coli bacteria.

Tested at the well, the water is fine. Tested 200 feet away where the pipe enters the house the water is fine. Tested 2 feet from the kitchen tap where the pipe enters a point of use drinking water filter the water tests fine. But, tested coming out of the Delta kitchen faucet 3 tests in a row show test results “Overgrown”. The older test terminology was TNTC, that is, bacterial colonies too numerous to count. This merits a panic call from the Heath Unit saying don’t drink the water.

The test methodology requires that you remove the tap aerator and flush water to drain for minimum 5 minutes before taking a sample as tap aerators are a well known breeding ground for bacteria. Having done this properly I can only conclude that the bacterial contamination is coming from within the Delta faucet. Has anyone else out there ever run into this?

One thing that this faucet has underneath is a 6” length of tube that is plugged at the end and is ready to connect to an optional side spray unit (which I don’t have). This short length of tube looks to me to be a good dead spot where bacteria could breed.

I sent all this information to Delta by e-mail 3 weeks ago and got no response at all. I tried calling them and was put on hold to 20 minutes and gave up.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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 Re: Bacterial problems with Delta faucet
Author: sharp1 (IL)

My guess is your filter is the breeding spot.

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 Re: Bacterial problems with Delta faucet
Author: stuckinlodi (MO)

agreed, disconnect and bypass the water filter for a while and repeat the test. If water filter is on cold water side only then you can use hot water only from kitchen sink to do the test, if it has no bacteria that is further evidence problem is with water filter.

If bacteria were present in the well or pump tank or supply lines you'd also see it in water from the bathroom sink, have you tested it that way? If no bacteria in bathroom sink water then problem is isolated to kitchen sink area, no need to test all those other places you mentioned.

If you suspect the 6" unused sprayer hose tube you can cut if off and plug it close to the faucet.

Also, it is ok to treat the well with chlorine, that will help eliminate bacteria anywhere in the water supply lines.

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