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 Leaks from 2nd floor bathroom
Author: RichRock (FL)

Hello all!
I have a tub and separate stall shower, on the 2nd floor, which share a divider wall. Both leak down through to the 1st floor ceiling with small drips ending up on kitchen counter top. I'd appreciate input on how to proceed from here, to diagnose further. Thanks!

Shower leak:
I used the shower daily for almost 3 years before noticing a leak dripping onto the 1st floor kitchen counter tops. The marble tile as well as the area between the tile and the plastic basin have cracked grout and/or caulk.

Tub leak:
I have only used the tub twice, just recently. The 1st use, no water went down the overflow and there was no evidence of leak, on counter top, in kitchen. The 2nd use, water went down the overflow and I noticed water dipping onto the 1st floor kitchen counter tops.

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 Re: Leaks from 2nd floor bathroom
Author: packy (MA)

if the overflow on the tub leaks, that is usually an easy fix. remove the cover plate and there will be a gasket on the backside of the tub. sometimes you need to replace it and sometimes you just dry it off, straighten it so it lines up properly and use some silicone caulk between it and the tub.
as for the shower ???
start by dumping a 5 gallon bucket of water down the drain. this will tell you if the drain flange or drain pipe is leaking. if it does not leak then...
remove the shower head and put a standard 1/2 inch pipe cap onto the shower arm. turn the water on. this will tell you if the riser pipe or elbow is leaking. if not...
the leak is not in the plumbing but may be in the trim around the valve, a corner seam or a bottom seam ???

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 Re: Leaks from 2nd floor bathroom
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

Good advice Packy. I like your answers, short and to the point.

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