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 Possessed Plumbing
Author: Catenary Kid (MI)

We've somehow developed a very unique (I think) situation and I need some help with it.

We had a fairly extensive remodeling job done in 2012 which included remodeling our main bathroom complete with new fixtures, etc., and installing a new bathroom in the basement with everything new. Most of our plumbing was installed years before and we never had a problem with it. About 2 years ago, we would occasionally notice a loud vibration in our plumbing which would happen once in a blue moon and only while we were filling our basement Jacuzzi using nothing but hot water. Over time this happened more and more frequently and it began happening with a mix of hot and cold water, too. Then it started happening while we'd be in the shower, and when it did, the cold water diminished like we were running straight hot water. Last weekend I noticed it was happening while the washing machine was filling, too. I should probably tell you the noise went from a loud vibration to a screaming howl. It is annoying as hell, to say the least. As of yet, it is only happening when we use fixtures on the plumbing that was installed new in our remodel of '12.

The only thing I've changed since the remodel is I put a new pressure switch on it yesterday. I went from a 20/40 to a 50/70 for several other reasons, but that didn't make much difference. I noticed the problem while the wife was in the shower this morning.

Have you guys ever run into this before? Can you offer any advice? Is it possible my plumbing is haunted or possessed?

Any help would be appreciated....

PS: The howling seems to be coming from the mixing valve in the shower, in one of the shutoff valves in the hot water feed to the downstairs bathroom in the utility space and God only knows where in the washing machine. Also, there is considerably less pressure/flow from the hot water side than the cold, but I suspect this may be normal?

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 Re: Possessed Plumbing
Author: m & m (MD)

Since you are on a well, eliminate the pump side of the system from being the problem before anything else. Check valves, when defective, can really make a racket. After that, start at the tank and move from there thru the system methodically.

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 Re: Possessed Plumbing
Author: packy (MA)

"As of yet, it is only happening when we use fixtures on the plumbing that was installed new in our remodel of '12."...
kinda makes me think the pump or check valve are not the problem..

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 Re: Possessed Plumbing
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

could be a pipe that was not strapped properly, or a washer in a valve. These sounds are often difficult to isolate but you must keep trying to find the problem. Can you obtain the use of a Stethascope from a Doctor friend. Many times you can locate the loudest sound and search in that area by removing drywall at the site of the loudest sound. Good luck.

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 Thanks :)
Author: Catenary Kid (MI)

Here's an update - and hopefully a final note on this.

I have no idea how these things happen, but in frustration, I contacted Premier, the makers of my shower and tub faucet and told them what was happening. They said the problem was my balancer, asked me to send them a photo and sent me a new one at no charge. I opened the unit up by pulling the handle, trim pieces and escutcheon, shut the flow off at the mixing valve and replaced the cartridge. Bingo! Done! No more noise from any of my plumbing since. Not from the tub, washer or shower. Go figure!

So, thanks for the help and it just goes to show you. I don't know what it goes to show you, it just does!

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