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 Pipes in unheated room
Author: Beccabutton22 (MI)

I recently purchased a home in which the room where main pipes come in, water heater, toilet, sink, and washer are all in. The problem is the room isn't heated and has very poor insulation.I have been heating it with an electric heater, but the bill has become outrageous. I'm wondering if anyone has any opunions on how I should prevent these pipes from freezing. I'm looking into heated pipe wrap, but I'm on a slab. I don't know if that makes a difference, but I'm assuming if I don't heat it, then the slab will get too cold and the pipes under will freeze.. Please help!

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 Re: Pipes in unheated room
Author: packy (MA)

pipe wrap will not help the toilet. it will freeze.
you have to heat the room to above freezing and insulate it to keep the cost down.

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 Re: Pipes in unheated room
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

You need to have some heat in that room. Even if you wrapped the pipes with heat tape or insulation you still have to worry about the toilet tank + bowl, sink trap, washing machine, etc. Electric baseboard heaters might be an option.

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 Re: Pipes in unheated room
Author: bernabeu (SC)


.....and has very poor insulation.....

you actually know what needs doing


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Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638 ~ Measure Twice & Cut Once

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 Re: Pipes in unheated room
Author: hj (AZ)

without insulation, you are heating the outdoors more than the plumbing. The addition of heat to an area is the ONLY thing that will prevent freezing. Pipe insulation by itself only slows the process down, and also makes thawing the pipes after they freeze more difficult.

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 Re: Pipes in unheated room
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Your heating issue can be mostly resolved in layers. Insulate the inside walls. Heat Cord, by Frostex for the pipes and supplies. You can insulate over the heat cord as well. Eliminate any drafts openings and monitor that room temperature during freezing times. Do your homework, in layers and save your money.

Best Wishes

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