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 water piping
Author: pbw (OH)

over the years that I've engaged in the plumbing industry I have run across some interesting projects. This one continues to perplex. when dealing with copper water piping, when a water well is used & that well has developed acid water (most times, a mild acid) the copper water piping begins to have pin holes, understandable. but why is it those pin holes mostly develop in the horizontal piping & not the vertical? the use of "M" or "L" copper doesn't matter, although it takes longer with "L" but still happens.
As some of you know, water in a well changes over a period of time. so what starts out to be a neutral water, sometimes turns acidy.
I will wait patiently for the discussion to develop.

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 Re: water piping
Author: Pipe runner (AZ)

because the hard sediment/particles tend to settle on the bottom of the pipe and when water flows most of the collisions are on the bottom of the pipe. This abrasion along with the corrosive effect of the acidic water is stripping away at the metal.
I'm just guessing.
Good topic though. Something to think about when you laying on your back under a house looking at water pipe.

From apprenticeship class I remember one topic about laminar flow and turbulent flow. It is unequal flow rates of water within the pipe and directed to the surface that corrodes pipe.

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 Re: water piping
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

What Pipe Runners says makes sense to me. Have you considered changing to PVC. You can order Schedule 80 for strength and I am sure it will not pin hole. Good luck.

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 Re: water piping
Author: pbw (OH)

pipe runner, what you suggest may very well be right about the sediment. but from what I recall most of those pin holes were toward the top 1/3rd of the pipe. There will be no more crawl spaces for me, I retired Sept. of 2015.(I'm trying to purge pipe dope, solder paste & glue from my system with a small flock of chickens)
turbicidy does play a part, especially when a circulating pump is in use. Elbows usually take the brunt of that.
plumber Loren, the copper was mostly replaced with CPVC. A large invoice accompanied the replacement. after all we plumbers have to up-hold our reputation.

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