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 Basement drain backing up.
Author: drs (MI)

I have a drain in the basement, in the laundry area, that is backing up slowly. I used a shop vac to remove the water but in about 40 minutes it will over flow again. I have shut off the water, at the meter, and it still backs up.

Is this a sewage back flow? Would snaking even help? What should I try first? I am thinking the problem is somewhere else. I leave in a high water line are so things like this has been know to happen here. I do not live on a hill, it is mostly flat here.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


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 Re: Basement drain backing up.
Author: packy (MA)

is there any smell to the water or does it appear cold and clear ?

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 Re: Basement drain backing up.
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

Does your waste drain to a sewer or a Septic Tank? There can be a check valve that is leaking by if your basement is below the sewer line. You must be careful to snake from inside the basement and if the stoppage is downstream of a check valve you should have a cleanout located downstream so you can clear the line to the street or Septic Tank. If you snake through a check valve, the snake can bind up and you will not be able to retrieve it without opening the check valve to wedge the gate open to allow it to be retrieved. A PITA. Be careful and understand the risk of and procedure for this type of stoppage.

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 Re: Basement drain backing up.
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

You have tried your best, without success. Consider hiring a licensed plumber, who is bonded and insurance to do the job properly, with a warranty. Watch what they do and ask lots of questions. Learn from your experience. In the end, you will have peace of mind and drains that flow freely.

Best Wishes

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 Re: Basement drain backing up.
Author: StephenParaski (MI)

I see your in MI. Is laundry below kitchen? It is a 2'' or 3" stack from kitchen that will have a clean out at base in basement. Run a 1/2" cable about 20'. Former Master Plumber of DWSD.

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