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 plastic cap stuck in toilet trap
Author: ffuubbaa (OH)

how to get plastic cap out of toilet trap without pulling toilet 2" diamater 1/8" thick

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 Re: plastic cap stuck in toilet trap
Author: m & m (MD)

First, try to remove it with a toilet auger.

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 Re: plastic cap stuck in toilet trap
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

I would try to suck it back using a Plunger. Place the plunger down inside so that it almost seals to the bowl and push it down gently so as not to put pressure on the plastic cap if possible. When you have it pushed all the way and the plunger is collapsed, Pull it out quickly so as to create suction and see if that removes the cap. Try this a few times. If not successful, the try to feed a toilet auger in to grasp the plastic cup, failing that,(USE EXTREME CARE WHEN ATTEMPTING THE FOLLOWING:) with 2 pairs of channel locks, hold the head of the auger with one pair and grip the end of the wire on the Auger and attempt to straighten it out about 1/2" so it sticks out beyond the width of the head about 1/4". You must be careful when inserting and turning the modified auger because it can (and will) scratch the porcelain if you are not extremely careful. BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE LAST STEP ABOVE, consider pulling the toilet and putting your auger in from the bottom of the bowl to force the item out into the bowl. When you are working with porcelain always be gentle and don't get your tools in a bind. PORCELAIN IS EASILY BROKEN USE EXTREME CARE.

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 Re: plastic cap stuck in toilet trap
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

A shop vac might help pull it out.

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