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 Pulsing Water
Author: Ktown Raider (NV)

My hot water heater is in my garage. I have a culligan water softener that is on bypass permanently. In the last month I have noticed a pulsing sound as water enters the house from the garage.

1) Happens when the shower(s) are running
2) Happens when a toilet is flushed
3) Happens when the washer is filling

NOTHING has been added or removed from the entire system. Nothing has changed. We live in Las Vegas, NV and have notoriously hard water.

There is a very slight actual pulsing in the water at the shower head. It is more of a "hear" than a "feel". It is not noticed in the sinks or anywhere else but it is heard out in the garage.

I am guessing some type of build-up of sediment in the pipes?

Any ideas?

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 Re: Pulsing Water
Author: hj (AZ)

I am guessing you have a pressure reducing valve in the line and it is going bad.

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 Re: Pulsing Water
Author: Ktown Raider (NV)

So this wouldn't happen as long as no water is running into the house correct?

Where would I find the PRV and is it something that a handy individual with no plumbing experience could handle?

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 Re: Pulsing Water
Author: hj (AZ)

The PRV is "usually" above ground and visible, but in some cases it is buried.

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 Re: Pulsing Water
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

These pressure regulators have a rubber diaphragm in the valve that often get cracked or split. You may find a rebuild kit for it if you know the model and make of the valve. If your Big Box or Hardware store do not stock the item you can call the manufacturer and maybe they will sell it to you. Having said this, your local plumber would actually be the best person to look at and fix your problem.

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