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 Noisy pipes when toilet refills (after installing new toilet)
Author: AnaZpoconos (PA)

We have two bathrooms (upstairs and downstairs) and replaced toilets in both bathrooms a few months ago. After we had the new toilets installed, there has been a loud noise coming from the pipes (foghorn or vibrating sound) after the toilet is flushed and while the toilet is filling. This didn't happen with the old toilets. Now, after a couple of months, the noise after flushing the upstairs toilet stopped but it is still happening after flushing our downstairs toilet.
I adjusted the water supply valve for the downstairs toilet and it seemed to stop or dampen the noise at times, but it didn't solve the problem completely. Also, if I open the faucet next to the downstairs toilet while the toilet is filling, then the noise goes away, but comes back as soon as the faucet is turned off if the toilet is still filling.
We asked our plumber what could be causing this noise and he couldn't give us an answer. If you have any suggestions for fixing this, I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks in advance.

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 Re: Noisy pipes when toilet refills (after installing new toilet)
Author: packy (MA)

take your pick...
1) loose washer in shut off below toilet.
2) split washer in shut off below toilet.
3) debris in shut off below toilet.
4) loose washer in toilet fill valve,
5) cut washer in toilet fill valve.
6) debris in toilet fill valve.
i would start with 6 then 3 then 1

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 Re: Noisy pipes when toilet refills (after installing new toilet)
Author: Paul48 (CT)

Try opening the stop valves all the way.

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 Re: Noisy pipes when toilet refills (after installing new toilet)
Author: bernabeu (SC)

As in 'back seating' them to silence the worn and vibrating stems.

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 Re: Noisy pipes when toilet refills (after installing new toilet)
Author: hj (AZ)

Defective fill valves. That problem usually happens after several years but could happen if the company uses an inferior fill valve.

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