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 Plumbing Bathroom to Soil Stack
Author: Mwinchell (CO)

I have a 1950s house I am working on the top floor bathroom rough in plumbing. I am considering my options for moving the toilet and tub around and wanted to confirm my distances to soil stack are within good venting practices / code. State is Colorado.

I have a 4" cast iron waste stack that everything goes into. It 90s to horizontal cast 4" over 1' currently and that was going to be my attachment point for new ABS plumbing. Above the 90 described is downsized to 3" out the roof.

My proposed bathroom layout distance to stack are (lengths include existing 90 from stack and are pipe length) :

11' of 4" pipe to toilet. Sloped 1/4" (adjustable)
4'with 2" pipe to bath tub trap and then an additional 3' from trap to tub drain. Sloped 1/4" (adjustable)
12' of 1.5" pipe to vanity trap. ( I have another dedicated vent for the vanity 2" size - if necessary)

Do I need additional venting aside from my soil stack?

Also would it be best to try and incorporate the shower & toilet piped together OR just have them on separate wye's off the soil stack lateral? (The toilet would likely be upstream the shower wye point)

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 Re: Plumbing Bathroom to Soil Stack
Author: packy (MA)

hard to comment without seeing a layout of the fixtures and floor joists.
but, the sink will need a vent.
the tub and toilet should enter together BUT the toilet is too far away and will need to be vented but the tub and possibly the sink can drain into the toilet vent if conditions allow..
if you can post a picture or even a single line drawing it would be helpful..

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 Re: Plumbing Bathroom to Soil Stack
Author: hj (AZ)

Your description does not really tell us much about HOW you are going to run the pipes and that is what is critical, not where you are going to connect things.

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