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 am I getting scammed/poor single mother
Author: mokishana (UT)

I bought a new house that is over 80 years old. The guy I bought it from told me he redid all the plumbing. On Christmas Eve, sewage came up through my bathroom sink in the basement. I found a plumber who put a camera down my toilet upstairs and told me that I had a encased cement pipe that broke because it was an old pipe, cast iron. He sent me a picture. He told me the pipe ran under my downstairs sink to the downstairs toilet in my downstairs bathroom. The contractor who remodeled my house told me there is no pipe in that location in the bathroom floor. I have no idea who is right. The sink downstairs is now working. I think there was just a simple clog that needed to be snaked, and the clog caused the sink to overflow. The other weird thing is that the plumber has not sent me a bill (even though I paid him with a check), and they refused to have the plumber talk to my home owner's insurance adjuster. I placed a link to show the picture of the supposed broken pipe [docs.google.com]

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 Re: am I getting scammed/poor single mother
Author: packy (MA)

i would believe what the camera saw..

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 Re: am I getting scammed/poor single mother
Author: sum (FL)

I am not a plumber but you probably need more information.

I would suggest contacting the last owner who said he/she redid all the plumbing and get whatever documentation there is, permit applications, plans, schematics, invoice with listed the scope of work etc...

and contact the contractor he hired to see if they can provide the same information. I assume when you mentioned the contractor who did the remodeling you meant the contractor the original owner hired who you are now in communications with. If he knows there is no pipe there he should be referring to some drawings or plans to make that determination?

Is it possible when the last owner said "redid all plumbing" he meant "replaced all fixtures"?

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 Re: am I getting scammed/poor single mother
Author: hj (AZ)

There are some companies who carry "stock footage" recordings on the their trucks to scare people into doing things that are not necessary. I cannot figure out WHAT that picture is showing since it looks like the outside of a corrugated concrete pipe underground.

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