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 Water Softener Drain Line
Author: CottageOwner (Non-US)

My basement Myers softener drain line was plugged into the bathroom sink/shower drain and both drained into the septic system.

I did some trenching a few months ago to replace a well-to-house waterline and while the trench was open ran a new softener 1/2" ID drain line in the trench to a dry well located about 15' lower than the softener outlet. The drain line itself is downhill all the way from the softener outlet to the discharge point in the drywell. The regen cycle is metered and has run a couple of times and the water is softened properly and tastes salt free.

Question I have is about the length of the drain line itself. I ran the line out of the house and down a hill past a few trees as I wanted the keep the drywell as root free as possible long term. Drainage Line is 100' in total.

In viewing a few posts on this topic looks like I used too small a drain line and the line itself is probably too long. On the other hand, outlet is 15' lower, all downhill and water seems to be fine. Any comments on this install? Worse case scenario here is that I disconnect and reconnect to my septic system I guess.



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 Re: Water Softener Drain Line
Author: packy (MA)

does it work now ??
if you are worried, rig up some sort of hose adapter so you can attach a garden hose and blow it out periodically.

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 Re: Water Softener Drain Line
Author: CottageOwner (Non-US)

Everything seems to be working fine for now. I'm thinking that while the 100' run to the dry well is technically too long I'm saved by the fact it is all downhill and drops about 15'.

Your flush port is a good idea, thanks. I can add the port very easily and do the flush annually when I change the UV tube.

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