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 Sump pumps failed
Author: nswyers (Non-US)

Came home tonight to see the sump pit filled to the top. I have two pits, one with a backup pump/battery. Both pits were full, no pumps running, and the outlets have power. I pulled up the floaters on each (not sure if I was supposed to do that, they seemed stuck down there but I can't see through the water) and unplugged/plugged them back in. Still nothing. The plug of the battery backup unit has an AC light on, but the charger and charging lights are both off.

For now, I have a small portable pump sucking water out into the backyard.

1) Can I, instead, drain the water in the basement, down the roughed-in pipe? It's just got an orange plastic cap on it and I could remove that and send the water down there for now, presumably faster than it's taking all the way outside.

2) How did both pumps just stop working? Perhaps the backup was toast already and finally the primary gave out? Any advice on what to do once the pits are clear?

3) Should this water be dirty? The primary pit is very mucky, with floating crud. The backup a bit less so but still very murky water.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

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 Re: Sump pumps failed
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Failure, can not be determined, until the pumps and float can be isolated and removed from the pit.

Best Wishes

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 Re: Sump pumps failed
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

You might try to figure out how to wire a light bulb so that it would come on when a pump fails. I think you can have an electrician do that and it would let you know when your main pump stops so you can get it repaired. My experience with sump pumps is limited but it is helpful to have a valve in the out line so you can disconnect a union and bring it up to make sure the inlet is not blocked. With the debris you describe, sounds like that would be your problem. This would address the flow thru the system but not the switches and position of the floats. Good luck.

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