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 Well pump
Author: Dan Dillon (TX)

Hello, I have a 3/4 hp shallow well jet pump that is new, It's main function is to pump from an above ground rain water storage tank to my house. The new pump has a pressure cut on and off at 30-50 psi.

When I primed the pump and turned it on it worked great until it got to 50 psi cut off. from there it would cycle on/off 2 or 3 times a second and not stop till power is off. It does this until I draw the pressure down to about 13 psi and then turn power back on. The pump will turn back on and run great and pressurize the house normally until it gets to the 50 psi cut off pressure. From that point it starts cycling again.

I have a bladder tank that I completely drained of water and filled with 27 psi air pressure thinking that this might be the problem. I'm sure the bladder tank is good. and I think I charged it correctly.(The tire gauge is accurate)
Anytime I have pump or water problems over the years I always have this condition. It eventually goes away and I don't know why.
A winter freeze spit my pipe and caused pump to burn up last week, that's why I was working on it.
Before this everything worked great for about 3 years.
ANY suggestions would be muck appreciated
Thank you

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 Re: Well pump
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

I think the problem can be traced to a check valve . The water pressure is bouncing back and forth, tripping the pressure switch. Where do you have the pressure switch located ? In relation to the check valve ? And where is the tank tee'ed in , in relation to the switch and check valve ?
The check valve should be first, at the inlet to the pump, then the switch can be on the pump or at the tank tee on the pressure side of the pump.

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 Re: Well pump
Author: m & m (MD)

Any way you can put up a photo of your set-up?

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 Re: Well pump
Author: Dan Dillon (TX)

Thank you both for the responses. The check valve could indeed be the problem, as it is not plumbed as you recommend. I will put one in and if that dose not work I will return with pictures. Thanks again

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