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 Is there a simple Solution for leak in fitting? See Pics/Model
Author: posdotcom (ND)


Just checking here on the boards to see if there is a simple solution for a small leak on a sink drain in our bathroom. It appears there is a small leak (not really a leak, but more a drop) of water that is coming from the soldered joint form the elbow to the male coupling protruding from the wall (See below).

Can I try and re-solder the fitting or add a putty to fill the gap? If so, any product recommendations?
We did remove a section of the plaster during our remodel to put a new fitting on, but the copper drain pipe in the wall is sandwiched against the plaster on the bedroom side (see model).

I didn’t think I would be able to add a rubber coupling over the pipe- let alone cut the thing. The stud has the copper pipe pinned with no wiggle room.
Also, once this gets fixed, our new vanity is too high for the drain pipe and came up with a revised p-trap (see picture). The bottom of the trap is about a ½” below the drain.

Any thoughts on this becoming a fail?

Thank you for your opinions.

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 Re: Is there a simple Solution for leak in fitting? See Pics/Model
Author: steve (CA)

I'll bet money that it's not a soldered joint that's leaking, but instead a galvanized pipe nipple that has a hole rusted through it. The trap is illegal. Just use a longer tail piece extension.

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 Re: Is there a simple Solution for leak in fitting? See Pics/Model
Author: packy (MA)

BINGO.. steve nailed it.
that is a galvanized pipe nipple sticking out of the wall.
you might be able to clear away the sheetrock/plaster and put some epoxy on it as a temporary fix.
more than likely it needs to be unscrewed and replaced.

sadly what is most likely is that it will collapse when you put a pipe wrench on it. this will then require chopping, chiseling and cussing to get the broken end out of whatever there is for a fitting behind the wall.
it is not the end of the world but a plumber with some experience is needed..
it is also possible that a well placed cut along with a sheilded rubber coupling will fix this??
you don't know until you open things up..

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