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 New TPR Valve Lp water heater releasing during cold water fill
Author: catherinecook (CA)

I recently replaced my TPR valve on my 50 gal Lp water heater. When refilling the tank I have both hot and cold taps open throughout my single story home. As I anticipate almost full I start turning off the spigots and when there are only two running the TPR valve opens and releases massive amounts of cold water. I have drained-purged the tank repeatedly and purged air out of the plumbing lines. The reason I replaced the TPR valve was I had turned the water heater up to max hot setting and forgot to turn it down. It was a feat to remove the origional. Due to the mineral build up. Can someone please let me know if Im doing something wrong? Thanks in advance

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 Re: New TPR Valve Lp water heater releasing during cold water fill
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

Maybe excessive pressure ? Can you check the water pressure ?

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 Re: New TPR Valve Lp water heater releasing during cold water fill
Author: george 7941

Strange. You had two faucets running while the valve released, so the pressure could not have been that excessive.

BTW there is no need to have cold taps open while filling the heater. Also, you need just one hot tap open, you don't have to have all of them open.

Sounds like a defective relief valve. I would try another one. They are very inexpensive.

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 Thanks for the reply, much appriciated! :applause:
Author: catherinecook (CA)

My water pressure tester gauge filled with water.I installed a new water regulater last night will try the water heater today. Thanks for the reply, much appriciated!

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