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 How is toilet wetting basement????
Author: Flabbergasted (CO)

At midnight I was awoken by my daughter telling me there was water coming into the basement from the washroom above. The water had separated the paint from the drywall and was starting to buckle the ceiling. It seemed like water had accumulated in the 3 hours we were asleep. I shut the main down immediately, opened all faucets and flushed both toilets. We went back to sleep.

Next day the plumber came in and ripped down the drywall ceiling in basement. We turned on the main, flushed the upstairs toilet about five times, waited to see if any pipe joints had separated and no symptoms for the entire hour he was there and no wet points. As he was leaving, he felt a couple of water drops around the toilet drain at basement ceiling. We checked the upstairs toilet but it was only a hairline wet around the base on the left side. The toilet is a Toto Pacifica--on piece--paid around $1500 ten years ago. The toilet porcelain is still in like new condition. The plumber told me it would take a month to get the replacement adapter and that its best to discard the toilet and get one that isn't skirted that doesn't require the adapter as I could have this problem again randomly. I paid $89 for this visit and was left a little upset that I should have to discard this nice toilet.

Next day, I called Toto USA and described the above situation to them. Toto USA asked me if the water is filling above the water line in the tank. I said yes and I had also noticed a small trickle of water coming from the flush handle. Other than that no other sign of water leak upstairs. They are sending me the UNIVERSAL FILL VALVE ASSEMBLY, FLAPPER W/CHAIN, and 12" UNIFIT ROUGH IN which includes the special adapter. They said it is ridiculous to throw away the toilet as it is an expensive design and porcelain is porcelain--its the rest that matters including installation.

First, I am flabbergasted that so much water would leak into the basement ceiling as there is hardly a sign of water at the toilet base upstairs. There is definitely no flooding over of toilet tank or bowl. Second, when water main is turned back on, without using toilet, after a few hours the water starts dripping into ceiling below again.

Any idea whether the parts that Toto is kind enough to send will resolve this problem, or could it be something more...where is this water coming from into the basement ceiling???


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 Re: How is toilet wetting basement????
Author: packy (MA)

"and I had also noticed a small trickle of water coming from the flush handle"...
if i were a gambling man, i would slide a pile of chips onto the space marked "flush handle"..
if the adapter below the toilet IS leaking, the water that shows up below would have a distinct urine smell.

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