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 What Is wrong with my toilet?
Author: OliviaaJeenn (NY)

Hey there, for the past week or so my toilet has been flush weirdly. It flushes, makes a loud gurgle sound and then takes a while for the bowl to fill with water! Sometimes, toilet paper comes back up as well! I tried my plunger on it, however its not a great one (So I doubt it did anything). Does this sounds like a clogged toilet? Anyways thanks for any help.

Now as for my second problem, all 3 toilets in my house keep running. I have changed the flappers on each once or twice, but they keep breaking! Very frustrating! Why would this be happening so often? The house was built in 2008, and I changed them all within a couple months (after receiving a high thousands dollar water bill!). Anyways,thanks again!

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 Re: What Is wrong with my toilet?
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

Yes, there is an obstruction in the toilet bowl, a closet auger would be the best tool for the job.
Are you using in tank cleaners in your toilets ? They are bad for tank flappers. Korky brand is a good quality tank flapper.

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 Re: What Is wrong with my toilet?
Author: OliviaaJeenn (NY)

Hey there! Thanks for the reply, No I do not use in tank cleaners, However I will be sure to get the korky brand next time.

As for the actual sound,I thought a clogged toilet normally brings water back up? Or are you sure thats what it is (A clogged toilet)? And is there anything else you would recommend to try to unclog it other then the auger (not that I wont buy one and try that, In the next couple days).

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 Re: What Is wrong with my toilet?
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

As long as you have spent so much money on water bills, a licensed plumber's invoice will be much cheaper and you will have a warranty to go.

Peace of Mind is priceless.
Best Wishes

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 Thanks for the reply :grin:
Author: OliviaaJeenn (NY)

Very true! Thanks for the reply

Edited 1 times.

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 Re: What Is wrong with my toilet?
Author: PlumberLoren (CA)

Make sure the vent is clear of any debris. Have someone flush the toilet and another person on the roof with their hand covering the vent but not sealing it. In other words hand raised about 1/4 inch and see if it create a vaccum. If it does the vent is probably OK but could still be partially blocked. The advice about using a closet auger is what I would try first. Sometimes the auger will go thru the stoppage if it is toilet paper and feaces. You have to be a detective and try different things to get it to drain properly without the sound you are hearing.

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