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 Quick Question
Author: mcameron2479 (MA)

I believe I know the answer but I in no way a plumber so I figured I would through it out there to people that know what they are talking about. I am in the process of setting a fish tank and as part of that I will be setting up an RODI system in order to make "clean" water of the the tank. At the point where the hot & cold water lines go vertical to my kitchen and bathrooms each pipe has a hose bib/boiler drain valve. I am assuming that they are there for the purpose of draining the pipes throughout the house in the event it will be left unheated in the winter. Would there be an issue if I used the valve on the cold water line to my kitchen to connect the RODI system. Being a low draw system, my thought process would be that the additional demand on the water supply shouldn't adversely effect the pressure to the kitchen would it? Thanks all.

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 Re: Quick Question
Author: steve (CA)

There won't be a volume/pressure problem, unless you have other piping issues in the house(rusted up galvanized pipes).

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 Re: Quick Question
Author: packy (MA)

you will need some sort of backflow protection if the outlet hose is submersed in fish water..

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 Re: Quick Question
Author: mcameron2479 (MA)

Thanks to both of you. That was exactly what I was thinking as well. Plan to add a check valve in the new line before the filter canisters. Thanks again.

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 Re: Quick Question
Author: bernabeu (SC)

a check valve is NOT sufficient nor code compliant

you will need a RPZ backflow prevention valve assembly installed by a licensed plumber


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