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 Cold Weather Sewer Smell
Author: FRODAK (ND)

Hello All,

Every winter when we get to freezing weather we get occasional sewer smell in our garage and house. We have floor drains in the garage. I'm told that the vents on the roof freeze over. Is this possible? We have had a few days of below zero weather with no smell. Did a load of laundry yesterday evening and the smell came back with a vengeance! We ran water into every drain in the house and garage. It eventually dissipated. I work nights. When I got home this morning the smell in the garage was terrible. Poured water down the floor drains and in drains in the house. It dissipated again. Went to bed.
So I checked the garage when I woke up this afternoon. Very slight smell in the garage. I poured more water down the floor drains. As I opened the door from the garage to go into the house the sewer smell hit me. I closed the door and opened it again, same smack in the nose. Our laundry room is right where you enter the house from the garage. I started thinking that using the washer yesterday may have something to do with it, so I threw in another load. It may be my imagination but the smell filled the house again.

Incidentally, in the summer we get a sewer smell outside, usually on the downwind side of the house. A plumber advised that I needed to run some water down the sewer vent pipe because it was dried out. If this is the cause, what can I do in the winter to alleviate it?

Thanks for your help. Look forward to a solution.

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 Re: Cold Weather Sewer Smell
Author: packy (MA)

your vent thru the roof may be closing down inside due to frost. yeah, moisture coming up thru the vent can freeze and cause this.
some areas require that the pipe be oversized to help alleviate this problem.
sometimes you can insulate the exposed pipe in the attic to help. wrap it in fiberglass and build a box of styrofoam around that.
not saying this is your problem but it just may be.
BTW, traps do dry out but vents do not...

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 Re: Cold Weather Sewer Smell
Author: NoHub (MA)

Happens alot...


Don't eat the cherry!!!!

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