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 Shut off water to 2nd floor
Author: marryu (WI)

Can you stop all water that's going to a second floor two family home? Both apartments are vacant now. I plan to occupy the 1st floor soon. The 2nd floor will remain vacant and unheated. In the basement there is only one main shut off that supplies water to all floors. New copper plumbing was installed throughout--about 6 years ago. An opening in the 1st floor wall was made when the new plumbing was done. The opening is over the 1st floor toilet. An access pannel was installed over the opening. I assume this opening is for the supply lines to the 2nd floor. Question #1--If I'm right and I do have access. Is it expensive to shut down water to the 2nd floor? Question #2--The heat, electric, and water for all floors have been shut down permanately. When the water was shut down it was not blown out of the pipes and there's no antifreeze in the traps or toilets. I hope nothing froze. Can the work be done (install of shut-off valve) if there's no electric service/heat in the home --if lines did freeze? Also, there are no radiators or baseboard heaters on 2nd floor.


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 Re: Shut off water to 2nd floor
Author: marryu (WI)

Actually it's a 3family home. I was trying to simplify, sorry for the misinformation. The victorian home was built in 1900. I believe #1--It was a single family home when it was built. #2--the second floor is an apartment now. #3--I know for sure that the 3rd floor was converted into a large attic appartment. There are seperate meters for elec and gas on all 3 floors. There is only 1 water meter and 1 water bill. I believe that if I shut off water to the 2nd floor it takes care of 3rd floor too (reason I left 3rd fl. info out). 3rd floor will be vacant and unheated, as well.

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 Re: Shut off water to 2nd floor
Author: hj (AZ)

quote: I believe that if I shut off water to the 2nd floor it takes care of 3rd floor too (reason I left 3rd fl. info out).

That is an "assumption", but whether it is accurate or not is something we, nor you, seem to know. Shutoffs can be installed ANY TIME, whether there is power or not, but whether installing them in the access opening will stop all water to the upper levels depends entirely on HOW the piping was installed. Cost will depend on the complexity of the installation, and the skill level of the installer.

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 Re: Shut off water to 2nd floor
Author: packy (MA)

if the water for the third floor runs thru the second floor, you must keep the second floor heated or at least the area where the third floor piping runs thru.

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