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 Replacing hot water baseboard heating
Author: newone (NY)

In my downstairs area that sit on a slab , I had a water leak in one of the hot water heating pipe running under the slab. I currently have baseboard heating on 2 and half walls.System is about 50 years old.The underwater leak is on a pipe that connects two walls together and there is an outside doorway between the two walls that is why the pipe was in the slab.

I had a plumber come over and he suggested replacing the baseboard heating with PEX pipeing.He would extend and replace the heating unit on the half wall and replace the basement heating unit on the longest wall in the area and leave the remaining small wall unit unconnected. He said that this would provide enough heating for the area.The room is about 300 square feet and the heating baseboard would cover about 30 feet.Has to run an additional 30 feet of PEX to the boiler for the return line.
Does this look like a good way to go and approximately how much would the cost be.It would include eight hours of labor.

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 Re: Replacing hot water baseboard heating
Author: hj (AZ)

PEX piping is NOT a heating unit, so he would still have to connect to the baseboard or something. Your description is not good enough for us to know what he is doing, or whether it will work or not.

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 Re: Replacing hot water baseboard heating
Author: Paul48 (CT)

You need to do a Heat Loss for the area. That will tell you what you need in the way of baseboards to properly heat the space. Slant/Fin, a manufacturer of baseboards and heating equipment offers a free download of a heat loss calculator that can help... [www.pvsullivan.com]. I suggest you go to heatinghelp.com, and check the "Find A Contractor" there.

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 Re: Replacing hot water baseboard heating
Author: newone (NY)

The piping that comes from my boiler and goes through the ceiling in lower level of my home is copper and conects with my baseboard which is hot water heating .I need to replace the baseboard heating unit and will be using slant fin.Can you connect copper piping to pex piping on the source line from the boiler?The return line back to the boiler will be pex piping.Will this work?

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